New Site – 240 Alcester Road

Green Oak Educational Trust is in the process of buying 240 Alcester Rd, B14 6DR which will insha’allah be utilised for Madrasah, Funeral, Counselling, other Education and Community Services.

The area around the property has a large Muslim community and there is a need for a high quality Islamic services facility in the area.

Qardh Hasanah (Loans) and Lillah donations are now urgently required to complete the purchase of the property.

Of the original target of £595,000, Alhamdulillah we now need to raise just £380,000 via Qardh Hasanah & Lillah contributions. (Updated 24/09/2021)

Please join in reaping the rewards from this project by either Donating Online or by contacting one of the following:

Mawlana Maseehullah Patel: 07590 569 297

Hafiz Aslam: 07971 521 211