Project – Islamic Boys Secondary School

Over the past 50+ years, seniors have given much sacrifice to lay the foundations of Masaajid and Madaaris for the Islamic well-being of the community. It is now our duty to build upon this and establish such institutes which protect and promote the Imaan and Islamic outlook of our future generations.

Having supported the establishment of Green Oak Academy, Green Oak Educational Trust is now in the process of setting up a boys secondary school with the aim to promote the same high quality provision which the Girls’ School has become synonymous for.

We are seeking a suitable site in the Birmingham area which can cater for boys from Year 7 (11 years of age) to Year 11 (16 years of age / GCSE). A site which has ample recreational as well as Educational space.

As local brothers and sisters will be aware that finding a suitable site is difficult and properties which do become available are highly priced.

For this reason, we are seeking to collect Lillah donations of £1m for the establishment of a high quality Islamic boys school.

This means that we require 1000 brothers and sisters to give just £1000 each towards this project which will insha’allah enable our children to benefit from an environment which has a rich academic and Islamic culture.