Green Oak Funeral Savings Fund

Death is our final journey from this mortal world which is normally followed by a frantic scramble to perform the final rites by close family members who are themselves under great emotional strain.

It is the wish of every person to find a way to make arrangements for this journey beforehand instead of leaving a burden on family members at an emotional time.

Green Oak Funeral Savings Fund is an effort to allow brothers and sisters to put aside the funds required for ones final rites thus easing the burden on family members. The Plan operates as follows:

  • Make a monthly contribution by standing order to Green Oak Funeral Savings Fund using the unique ID code which we will issue.
  • A plot can be reserved at Brandwood Muslim Cemetery for anyone who wishes to reserve a plot provided they commit to contributing the cost over time (Currently £4000 per plot). 
  • If you do not wish to reserve a plot at Brandwood Muslim Cemetery, you can still use the Funeral Savings Fund to save up for the funeral. 
  • Upon death, the burial and funeral costs applicable at that time will be calculated and applied. Any shortfall will need to be covered by the family of the deceased. 
  • Should there be any excess amounts in the plan, the balance will be returned to the next of kin or allocated as per the bequest of the deceased. 
  • In January each year Green Oak Funeral Savings Fund will issue a statement showing savings held to date at the end of the previous year. 
  • All funds will be held in a separate designated bank account for added protection.

Who Is it for?
Any person is able to utilise the scheme to save for burial and funeral costs. It is intended primarily for brothers and sisters in the Birmingham area.
Any amount saved under the scheme and not utilised, for example when death takes place elsewhere, will be refunded to the plan holder / beneficiary stated in the plan on request.

If you wish to join the Green Oak Funeral Savings fund, please complete the form below: